Frio Light Bar

  • Features

    • FRIO Light Bar The perfect addition to any cooler, man cave, garage, or outdoor party! This aluminum accessory includes a twist-off bottle opener, as well as a standard bottle opener. Motion sensitive magnetic light can be used on your light bar or use it to find your way around the camp! Fit it to almost any cooler! PATENT PENDING. PATENT PENDING LIGHT FEATURES: Motion Sensitive Removable Magnetic Light 8 Super-Bright LEDs with a 50,000 hour lifespan Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR Sensor) Water Resistant Motion Sensitive Light Made Strong and Durable using ABS and AS Materials Water Resistant Motion Sensor which when activated turns the light on automatically (triggered when the lid or door is opened and closed) 3 Working Light Modes: On, Auto, & Off Can be permanently installed using either the adhesive tape or screw mounted iron plate supplied IP X 6 Water Resistant and Shock Resistant Ideal for Coolers, Cupboards, Storage Areas (House, Caravan, 4WD or Boats), Tool Chests, Storage Boxes, Fishing Tackle Boxes, Camping, Boating, and General Multi-Purpose ALUMINUM FRAME FEATURES: Standard Bottle Opener Twist-Off Bottle Opener Which Is Perfect for Opening 2 Liters or Any Plastic Twist-Off Container Stainless Steel Body is Rust Proof & Durable 4 Screws Included to Place in Most Locations Fits the Frio 25, 45, 65, & 65 Extreme
  • Dimensions

    Size: 1.5"L x 8.25"W x 3.25"H

    Light Size: 4.7"W x .87"L x 2.36"H

    Weight: 15.7 oz

  • Specifications

    Light Output: 40 Lumens Runtime: 7.5 Hours (Approximate) Light Effective Range: 5mtr (Flood Light) Working Current: 160mA Sensor Detection Range: 2-5mtr Sensor Detection Angle: 60 Degrees Working Temperature: -10~+30 Degrees Celsius Battery: 3 X AAA (LR03)

  • Disclaimer

    DISCLAIMER: - Due to the size of Light Bar, cooler capacity will be slightly reduced. - Product may void warranty of your particular brand of cooler. You must take responsibility of your decision to modify your cooler. - Light component is water resistant, not water proof - you must handle with care - Frio Ice Chests will not be responsible to water damage to your light.

  • Care and Maintenance

    From time to time the surface of your LED light may become dirty and it can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Should your LED light be accidentally immersed in water, remove it and wipe down with a dry cloth removing as much excess water as possible. Take special care to remove and dry the batteries and the battery compartment. Avoid storing batteries in the light for long extended periods of non use as the batteries may leak and damage the light.